>Lochailort is a request stop serving the small village at the head of Loch Ailort. It sits at the junction of the road to Mallaig and the A861 to Salen and Strontian. The station is modest. Just a platform and a very small shelter. In the above picture the ‘Jacobite’ steam train is passing through on its return, tender first, journey back to Fort William. Lochailort is a very small community with an Inn with accommodation close to the station. The whole area is very beautiful and steeped in history. The rugged terrain also provided an excellent training ground for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) Commandoes during the Second World War.

The ‘Jacobite’ Steam train passes the west end of Lochailort Station.

This view of the Lochailort Station (Halt) illustrates that it is very basic indeed.

The Fort William – Mallaig service passes the west end of Loch Eilt 2.5km from Lochailort Station.

K4, The Great Marquis heads a special October charter across the short causeway at the west end of Loch Eilt, 2km east of Lochailort Station. The landscape is seen in the russet hues of autumn. This is the same location as the picture on the left, also pictured in autumn. Click on either picture to obtain a wider view of Loch Eilt.