The Friends of the West Highland Lines promote development of the train services through the West Highlands. We want high quality trains, more frequent services, through-tickets and reliable connections with ferries and local buses. Better transport for local people and visitors will increase accessibility and benefit the economy of the Highlands.  We are privileged to have Lady Judy McAlpine as our Honorary President.

In 2018 The Friends of the West Highland  Lines celebrated 35 years of active and successful promotion of the lines and many positive achievements. For a brief history of the Society and an outline of some of our successes click here. 

One long-term aspiration is to see the reinstatement of passing loops along the West Highland Lines to minimise delays and result in a more smoothly-operating railway with scope for timetable expansion.

The Friends publish a magazine, West Highland News Plus, three times per year containing news, photographs and historical articles covering the WEST HIGHLAND LINES, the SCOTRAIL NETWORK and ON THE WATERFRONT ferry news. This is free to members of the Society. Members can also attend our AGM in the spring at a location on the West Highland Lines. 

To view our Constitution click here.


For up to the minute news, discussion, photos and videos have a look at the Society’s X and Facebook  pages.


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